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Lakeside Healthcare

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Lakeside Healthcare – Provider of durable medical equipment for the Healthcare industry

Why choose Lakeside as your medical equipment supplier?

Over 60 years ago, Lakeside Manufacturing set the benchmark for manufacturing innovation in durable equipment when we introduced the very first 311 stainless steel cart to the food service industry. Sixty years later, our company is still known as the best in mobile solutions, and our line of award-winning durable medical equipment and state of the art medication dispensing systems speak for themselves.


What makes Lakeside different from other durable medical equipment vendors?

By using Lakeside as one of your medical equipment providers, you not only get a vast variety of medical equipment to choose from, you also get the assurance of working with an industry leader. Whether you need medical carts to store medication and fluid or you need blanket warmers, Lakeside has what you're looking for. We have driven excellence in the business for the past 60 years and we recognize the increasing importance of integrating new technologies into our equipment whenever possible. Many other suppliers would not be able to match our quality of service.

How can I request a quote for our medical equipment needs?

Our sales agents would be happy to discuss your medical equipment or supplies needs with you, or you can contact one of our Lakeside dealers directly. You can also contact us by calling us at 800.558.8565 or emailing us at info@elakeside.com. We look forward to being your vendor and helping you with your equipment supply needs.

What's New

Medical Wire Carts

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2015 Healthcare Product Guide




It's easy to modify standard products or custom build exactly what you need.

New Products

Medical Wire Carts

Add flexibility and mobility to storage and transport. Easy to clean wire carts include Catheter Procedure Carts, Slanted Shelf Suture Carts, Bin Stacker Carts and Sterile Wrap Racks.

Blanket & Fluid Warmers

Lakeside warmers store fluids and blankets for patient comfort and maintain ECRI (Emergency Care Research Institute) recommended temperatures for patient safety.

Durable Medical Equipment

The Industry's Best Case Carts

Lakeside Case Carts are built to Sterile Guard specifications. These carts feature fully welded construction; exterior push handles for better control, more interior space and sealed doors for sterility.

Model 6950